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Narla the RSPCA rescue

Letter from lovely Narla's happy owners

To all the wonderful staff at Woodstreet,

I just wanted to send a few photo's of our dog Narla over to you to show how much she is able to enjoy since coming under your care. Narla was originally an RSPCA Southridge resident who burst her cruciate ligament and needed surgical intervention. We adopted Narla in March 2013 and in April, Tony performed her TTA operation, aside from the 16 week recovery time, she has never looked back. She was able to walk from the day we brought her back home, although her exercise was heavily restricted, she was immediately more comfortable after her operation than she had been in the lead up to it. She came in for regular check ups and all the staff were absolutely wonderful with her. She had some issues being in close proximity with other dogs and every one of the staff made an extra effort to ensure she felt comfortable and was able to get in and out of the surgery safely. They all made a huge fuss of her each and every time she came in and she always comes to the vets with a wagging tail - even when she's not feeling that great!

She has since been in for a couple more surgeries due to a few undesirable lumps and bumps in awkward places (in between her toes and on her eyelid) and the staff are always absolutely fantastic and very welcoming to her. She doesn't do well in a kennel environment and gets very depressed and the nurses always take special care of her. We always feel confident leaving her with you and know that she is receiving the best possible care.

She may have some arthritis which we keep a close eye on with Tony, but despite this, she is able to take part in some agility as part of her weekly training (we won't be winning any competitions though!), she does search training and she runs comfortably (albeit it for short periods as she's not overly energetic!).  All of this is possible due to the excellent care she has received at Woodstreet, we wouldn't take her anywhere else!

Kind Regards

Rachel, Dave and Narla